Hippocampus is a small company established 2008 that support schools and municipalities in their efforts to improve their work and results in education.

We do commissions both for the government of Sweden and for municipalities and single schools and persons.

In order to improve work in schools the leadership of the school is vital. Hence principals and school heads are the most important group to work with for Hippocampus. The processes involved in changing the thinking and mental models of a professional or a group of professionals is the main challenge that a leader has to deal with. Making strategies and planning the actions supporting that is the main business that Hippocampus gets involved in.

Since 2008 we have been involved in four different government schemes to improve school results in Sweden nationally, three minor ones and one major that includes new syllabi and curricula for all the four school forms below university level. These projects is known under the name of Skola 2011 and Gy 2011.

Parallel with the government work we have taken on comissions from municipalities to educate and support mainly school heads and principals in their processes to improve their respective schools or municipalities.

The most common content have been projects regarding assessment of knowledge, grading, evaluation of quality and leadership.

For the years to come implementing the new syllabi and legislation for both primary school and secondary and upper secondary school will be, most likely, the main issue for Hippocampus.

We also give lectures regarding school improvement in Sweden internationally. We were represented on the AAEE conference in Canberra 27th to 30th of September 2010 and will give talks in Hamilton NZ January 17th-19th 2012.